Dating japanese stratocaster

Cij teles do have serial numbers for dating (they finally got it that us fj buyers want to be able to date these fine guitars) as for your standard mij 62 reissue tele in the photo, what you can determine is that it was made sometime between the 1984 and 1997, it has a basswood body, ceramic pickups stock, poly finish, small japanese pots. Here’s a more detailed look at the japanese squier strat the premium output the first strats made in japan by fender were vintage reissue ’57 and ’62 replicas, launched in tokyo on friday 7th may 1982. There was a lower priced fender contemporary squier model produced as wellmany of fender contemporary stratocaster and telecaster models had fender japan e serial number prefix at the beginning of their serial numbers but in fact fender never produced a line of guitars named the e series. Here is my question, i've seen a lot of people dating their japan guitars and basses using the modern american fender serials for example, their fender japan guitar or bass with an e +6 digit, say e9-, that the year of production is 1989.

Hence during 1985 to 1987, production of fender guitars was only done in japan, while usa fender created a new factory in california the japanese-made fenders do have some slight serial number differences (typically a j serial number prefix. Couldn't find much by way of google other than a wiki article, but it left me dead endedi think chinese & taiwanese squiers cy: c = china, y = yako (taiwan), the serial number prefix is followed by a 2 number year. Product registration to assist us in better serving our customers, please take a minute to register your fender products.

1bassleft wrote:robbo, that is an excellent site that i use for dating fenders however, i was checking out a japanese squier and i seem to remember that there was a period when they couldnâ´t be manufactured abroad for some reason. I would hazard a guess based on past experience that it is probably a 2003 lately it seems a majority of guitar companies date their guitars using the 1st 4 digits of the serial. (for japanese serial numbers, scroll down) consequently, some 1990 guitars bear 1999 n9 serial numbers another bit of confusion was the e4 serial numbers squier strat bullets (dating unclear) fn(xxxxxx) us made guitars and basses destined for the export market. The following serial numbers are somewhat outside the more, well known fender serial number schemesto date, japan made, fender guitars click here, dating youras a result, you will see some 1990 guitars bearing n9 serial numbers. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution learn more about fender electric basses.

Acronym for crafted in japan these guitars were made from 1997 and are still being manufactured today they follow the same serial numbering patterns as the fender mij models. The tokai made fender japan guitars are not exported from japan but some of the dyna gakki made fender japan guitars are exported dyna gakki have made various guitars for kanda shokai's greco brand terada made the fender japan acoustic guitars such as the fender catalina. Japan made fender guitars click here dating your us made fender electric stringed instrument date your fender guitar choose the (made to standard strat specs, dating unclear) i(xxxxxxx) a limited number of these i series guitars were made in '89 and '90 they were made for the export market and have made in usa stamped on the heel. Dating fender amps by serial number, part vi by greg gagliano just as with vintage fender guitars that get the “partocaster” treatment, fender amps are suffering the same fate good dating information for silverface amps from the 1970s is still lacking and that’s why there isn’t much new information for amps made from 1972-76.

Dating your us made fender stringed instrument for the majority of fender's us instrument production history, production dates have been applied to various components most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses. Here we have a 1988 fender strat made in japan with a kahler tremolo system that is just brilliant this guitar is very bright sounding but has a great classic rock sound. Japanese-built takamine pro series guitars can be reliably dated from the eight-digit serial numbers typically found at the neck block inside the instruments the first two digits designate the year of manufacture, followed by two digits denoting the month.

Find great deals on ebay for fender stratocaster reissue shop with confidence. Squier dating and value discussion in 'squier strat forum' started by groomster, jul 13, 2010 groomster new member age: 39 4 jul 12, 2010 guitar information and forum about jv - japanese vintage fender squier stratocaster guitars, squier telecaster and basses oh and welcome to the forum matt its a nice place here click to expand. Dating japanese fender guitars how can i find fender serial number database out how old my amplifier isdating japanese-made fender instrumentsas always, serial numbers should only be used as a guide for dating and should be used with known age-related specifications to help identify the production year of an instrumentre marriage is regarded by such people as a posthumous bigamythey were.

Here's one that looks like mine they were part of the lawsuit guitars that came out of japan in the 80's (like tokai or ibanez) if it's one that's from the 80's, it's supposed to be pretty close to a straight up mia fender strat. A while back i had a chance to play a used fender japan's squier stratocaster (not this item) with a jv serial number it had bright sound and the higher range was very sharp but not harsh to the ear. Ive found a local advert for a '85 fender japan beauty but i have a few suspicions i always thought the serial numbers to be printed in the bottom of. Fender mij '62 stratocaster reissues however, in 1992, the japanese ’62 strat was revised to include ‘aged parts’ commercially, this, i believe, was a masterstroke real 1962 strats featured nitrate scratchplates the plates were intended to be white, but they got progressively more green as they were exposed to the.

Fender japan guitars: from the early 1950’s through the late 1970’s, fender usa had little competition in the guitar arena, in the making and selling of their classic stratocasters and telecasters, among other popular models. Fender japanese strat models | find love and fun dating says: reply february 2, 2015 at 3:55 am identifying an yngwie strat | pick roar – help on identifying the various models of the fender yngwie malmsteen stratocaster. Dating your us-made fender stringed instrument from fendercom for most of fender’s us instrument production history, production dates have been applied to various components most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses, although there were periods when this was not consistently done (1973 to 1981, for. 2007 was another transitional year for japanese-made fender instruments, with the return to the “made in japan” country-of-origin identifier on the serial number decal this was a running change, and both “made in japan” and “crafted in japan” decals appear on instruments from 2007 and 2008.

Dating japanese stratocaster
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